Join our team, where you will make a significant difference in the lives of your patients.  For many inmates, your care will be their first experience with health education and preventive services.

If you want to grow and thrive at Wexford Health, bring your skills, experience, and an open mind. We’ll take care of the rest.

Correctional health care providers enjoy a unique level of autonomy.  Wexford Health’s correctional health professionals are the clinical decision makers at their institutions, with first-line responsibility for managing their programs and making critical care choices.

The variety of cases and patients makes correctional health care both stimulating and educational.  Correctional health care encompasses a wide variety of specialties, including chronic care, substance abuse, hospice, and behavioral health care.

It is also a unique and diverse work environment which takes out the insurance and other usual health care background noise. Instead, so you and your peers can keep a sharp focus on that all- important goal of delivering quality physical and mental health care.

There is no room for judgment in correctional facilities, so you’re free to bring your authentic self to work. When you work with us, what matters is that you’re empowered to make a real, visible difference in the lives of a patient population that is and always has been underserved.

Because we believe our employees are our most valuable asset, offering a competitive comprehensive compensation package is very important to Wexford Health.  We continually monitor the marketplace to ensure that our total compensation/benefit package is competitive with those of other health care employers — both correctional and non-correctional. We work hard to ensure that we provide meaningful benefits that meet the diverse needs of our employee base across the nation. Some of our standard benefits include our creative Paid Time Off policy, which affords our employees flexibility in how they use their leave time and enables them to better balance career with home and family.